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Blueberries might be small but they are really a big deal.  #thatswhytheyareoftensopricey  The reason they are a big deal?  Well, the first thing is that they are packed with antioxidants— which has become a buzz word lately but really means that they fight against free radicals that float around in the atmosphere. Think particles of pollution that often cannot be seen but cause damage on a cellular level. Blueberries are known to boost brain function which can result in better memory, as well as help skin rejuvenate and become dewy.  As far as

free flow

Chances are that there’s somebody in your life that needs to be forgiven.  Maybe even, somebodies. They need to be forgiven for your sake mostly, and theirs.  Unforgiveness is toxic, like a poison and contiminates the heart holding it.  It’s like clogging up a drain or a phone line with no call-waiting.  There’s a slow in the flow.  And sometimes there’s no flow.  Forgive that person.  Forgive yourself.  And let it go.  Let all of it go; the bitterness, malice, hatred, anger–however much or seemingly slight.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in the history

Not always but every now and then applying makeup can feel like a process, a very lengthy one. With the right tools and products applying makeup can become simple, quick –an almost natural process as you lay a good base for a natural, beautiful look. There are a couple of items that I deem as essentials to help make the makeup process easier while allowing you to embellish the canvas beautifully.  I’ve chosen these brands because they are long lasting, and durability over time and the happenstance of life is

girl next door

One of the things I’ve learned in the past few years is that a workout partner is quite the asset.  She doesn’t have to be the bestfriend you grew up with or the girl you met in the lunch room at work, it could and most often easily is the girl right next to you in Turbo Kick Jazzercise Pilates Aerobic class.  She might be the girl you always see running in the park by herself as you are also running in the park by yourself.  It’s the one who wants to try the new spin

Touch the Sky

What fortune lies beyond the stars Those dazzling heights too vast to climb I got so high to fall so far But I found heaven as love swept low  My heart beating, my soul breathing I found my life when I laid it down Upward falling, spirit soaring I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground What treasure waits within Your scars This gift of freedom gold can’t buy I bought the world and sold my heart You traded heaven to have me again My heart beating, my

It’s easy to become complacent when we become masters our fields of expertise or excel in our areas of gifting.   When we spend copious amounts of time developing a talent we were born with or a profession that we’ve spent sleepless nights honing, many years leafing through textbook pages and investing pricey tuition.  It’s easy to be comfortable with what’s comfortable.  And comfort is good right up until that moment, the moment we stop growing, stop experiencing something new. Last Saturday I tried something new.  I signed up for a 6

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