The great thing about growing older is the growing part.  Being able to reassess life happenings based on a set of completed actions and circumstances that have played out, it’s getting to see how decisions take twists and turns in the ebb and flow of our lives.  When I write this I think fondly of the girls in my family who are in and around their 16th year.  I find myself answering their questions quite often these days and I can’t help but think back on the time when I was sixteen.  A pivotal, tender time ripe

keep dreaming

It’s so so important to keep dreaming.  Let nothing nor no one kill your dreams.  Don’t allow yourself to let your dream die.  A dream dying– often happens slowly, it can be a subtle series of “I can’ts.”  It can be you making yourself small and not knowing your value.  Perhaps it’s a constant stream of thoughts comparing yourself to others.  It’s important to preserve that dream, that deep desire in your heart — even the one you can’t quite put your finger on– or explain, the one so special and still

pizza at urth

When it comes to food I’ve been on the side of super clean-eating and I’ve spent many a day on the opposite side of that which I suppose would be called eating-dirty (?!?).  The latter looking like a donut for breakfast, gummy bears to snack on before a nice big thousand calorie burrito for lunch with a side of Cheetos, washed down with a coke.   The former being a bunch of kale, green beans, grilled chicken, oatmeal, chia seeds and nuts.  Not in that order but believe me when I say I’ve been there, done that, loved it.  Until I

 Here’s a little bit about the lady behind the Midnight blue shoot: Name: Zoë Hooper What are your areas of gifting, natural gifts? Gymnastics, dance and making people laugh. What are 5 of your bucket list goals? Go to Italy Sky Diving Go to the Olympics to watch gymnastics Meet Ellen Degeneres Go on the world’s largest roller coaster How do you spend a typical weekend? Going to the beach with my family and then a girls night out. What was a really awesome moment in your life? When I won

a simple quick meal

Our days are packed with school, work, homework, soccer games, ballet recitals, school plays, dinners, gym sessions, dates, meetings and everything in between.  A recipe for quick meals are a must necessity. A simple solution to breakfast, lunch or dinner — yes, all three– is eggs. Good ol’ fashioned boiled eggs work great for any meal even as a snack too.  They are easy to make, they don’t take long to prepare, a good source of protein and are perfect for non-cooks.  Try it! Preparation (serves 2) Boil ’em– Put 4

Passing by any newsstand in a metropolitan city in the western world, particularly in cities like New York or Los Angeles, you’d be hard-pressed to find a magazine cover with its cover girl smiling.  Maybe one.  Maybe.  Instead she is plastered with a look that screams sultry, sexy, rebel, vixen.  As a society we have come to subconsciously label smiling girls as too wholesome-too sweet-too nice, layered with levels of naiveté and softness as if to correlate strength with a villainous nature of vengeful anger and rebellion. Here at B E A U T

summer time fruits

Fruits are so awesome.  They come in so many textures and flavors, mostly sweet of course and full of nutrients and vitamins for the body.  They truly are nature’s candy.  Summer time fruits are colorful favorites: pears, peaches, watermelons, oranges, grapes, cherries, and of course blueberries. Every time we’re tempted to reach for gummy bears and ice cream and cookies, remember– fruits!  Filling up on fruit first is most likely to tame the sweet craving while giving the body some nutrition perhaps some fiber and antioxidant benefit depending on what you choose.  It’ll do

midnight blue

An hour before we’d head out to the woods for our shoot Zoë sauntered in like a breath of fresh air.  Her beautiful natural curls freshly cut into a bob fro boasting blonde highlights.  Her petite frame, sun-kissed complexion and captivating smile reflecting a quite apparent sunny disposition but it was her demeanor that screamed kind, warm, graceful. Gracious. Beautiful.  Some people you meet whose presence is strong, not loud, not ostentatious.  It’s the calm of their spirit that expresses an ease, a willingness, an openness.  With or without many words they are effortlessly warm.  It doesn’t take long to notice even though it’s

blueberry kick

  • eatmoreblueberries
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Blueberries might be small but they are really a big deal.  #thatswhytheyareoftensopricey  The reason they are a big deal?  Well, the first thing is that they are packed with antioxidants— which has become a buzz word lately but really means that they fight against free radicals that float around in the atmosphere. Think particles of pollution that often cannot be seen but cause damage on a cellular level. Blueberries are known to boost brain function which can result in better memory, as well as help skin rejuvenate and become dewy.  As far as

free flow

Chances are that there’s somebody in your life that needs to be forgiven.  Maybe even, somebodies. They need to be forgiven for your sake mostly, and theirs.  Unforgiveness is toxic, like a poison and contiminates the heart holding it.  It’s like clogging up a drain or a phone line with no call-waiting.  There’s a slow in the flow.  And sometimes there’s no flow.  Forgive that person.  Forgive yourself.  And let it go.  Let all of it go; the bitterness, malice, hatred, anger–however much or seemingly slight.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in the history

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