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garlic, a love story

Get ready! Because it’s my goal to help you fall in-love with garlic and all its many health benefits. Yessss.  Garlic!  It’s probably one of the world’s healthiest foods.  No

berry good

Strawberries!  Raspberries!! Blueberries!!! Blackberries!!!! These are the usual suspects on my plate- the bad boys of the berry club.  I was zooming through Downtown LA when I saw these beauties just hanging

pizza at urth

When it comes to food I’ve been on the side of super clean-eating and I’ve spent many a day on the opposite side of that which I suppose would be called eating-dirty (?!?).  The latter

a simple quick meal

Our days are packed with school, work, homework, soccer games, ballet recitals, school plays, dinners, gym sessions, dates, meetings and everything in between.  A recipe for quick meals are a

summer time fruits

Fruits are so awesome.  They come in so many textures and flavors, mostly sweet of course and full of nutrients and vitamins for the body.  They truly are nature’s candy. 

blueberry kick

Blueberries might be small but they are really a big deal.  #thatswhytheyareoftensopricey  The reason they are a big deal?  Well, the first thing is that they are packed with antioxidants—