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the queen you are

The queen inside of you. There are attributes that communicates a woman’s beauty.  The way she carries herself, how she wears her clothes, her attitudes, her speech.  All of these

rustic ballerina

Originally posted August 18, 2015. Every single girl in my family is a girly-girl.  My sister, cousins, aunts, nieces, grandmother–they are all decked out in dresses, and skirts, nail polish,

colorfully poetic

The fragrant colors {pinks, blues, and purples} in this colorfully poetic editorial emanate the vibrancy, versatility, strength and dignity found in womanhood.  It is reminiscent of how we as women

the nadda dress

the nadda dress is the new dress style There are so many good things to say about the Nadda dress, a creation by friend of a friend, Marcia Charles.  She dreamed

a little bird conquers fear

fear of flying film Little animated short films are just too adorable.  You could often find the cutest ones before the main features like Finding Dory.  They not only pull

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