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The little white dress (LWD) is as eponymous as it is iconic with Marilyn Monroe’s scene in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch, as she stands above the subway grating trying to prevent her dress from blowing up.  There’s definitely a boldness associated with wearing white; a certain set of idiosyncrasies that the wearer signs up to exhibit/reflect/represent… braveness, innocence, cleanliness, openness, purity.  As the LBD’s (little black dress) twin sister (fraternal, of course) the LWD is a nice addition to the closet, the bolder counter part.  You don’t choose a little white dress when you’re trying to hide or fade into the background.  No, oh no, it’s an ethereal but bold, confident, classic choice.

Helen. half

This fashion feature is of Helen Ma, one of the most impeccably dressed women I know, and how she accessorizes it with pops of red for a chic-refined but fashionable look.   It’s an excellent way to see how to wear a classic white dress for those times and occasions when you want to dress up but not be too overly done.  Check out the details in the back which create some geometric dimension that matches the A-line silhouette.

Helen. front pink
Helen. feet

Helen adds a pair of studded Valentino kitten heels to her LWD.   A low heel is hands down classy-classy-classy.  A cross body bag in the same fiery red completes her  look for evening events.  For daytime, add a hat like this one from J Crew with a pair of classic aviator sunglasses.  It’s a beautiful way to modernize the LWD while keeping it classic, classy and fashionable.

Helen. whole



Photography: Diarra Yaw




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