rustic ballerina

Rustic Ballerina photographed in a tree nursery.

Originally posted August 18, 2015.

Every single girl in my family is a girly-girl.  My sister, cousins, aunts, nieces, grandmother–they are all decked out in dresses, and skirts, nail polish, and heels, lipstick, and hair perfectly coifed.  Did I just say coifed?  Yep… even my seven year old niece owns everything in pink, and I mean everything.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  She’s the cutest thing ever.  My mom has every shade of lipstick, eye pencil, and high heel, she can accessorize every occasion.  And her clothes have their own room.  All of the gals caught this fashion bug, except me.

In this department I blossomed at an almost alarmingly slow rate.  Make no mistake I was no tomboy I just wasn’t drenched in pink. I wasn’t concerned whether my nails were painted and I certainly didn’t fuss if my legs weren’t shaved.  It didn’t matter to me whether I was matching, wearing pants or a dress, although I do remember having a few favorite t-shirts.  And I gravitated towards earth tones, every shade of green and brown.  I was always presentable and basic.  Some may say, simple.  If I put on earrings I’d feel overdressed, and I wasn’t trendy.




Really and truly though for a long long time the idea of fashion seemed superficial and fussy.  Why does it matter?  Who cares?  And then Los Angeles happened to me.  The creative arts!  I became immersed among fashion industry pros, surrounded by all the fashionistas, and getting to watch and learn about the whole creative and production process: from concept to consumer.  It was then that I got it.  An appreciation.

An appreciation for the creative skill, the discipline and all the meticulous tiny detailing that seamlessly (pun!) come together to create entire collections.  The eccentric cut of jersey fabric that becomes someone’s favorite t-shirt, not to mention the hundreds of hours put into an illustriously intricate gown designed for a red carpet.

I’ve now come to understand why one pair of jeans is more expensive than another.   Why investing in quality staple pieces is actually the better way to go than always looking for the cheaper items.  Now I think of things like durability, quality, sourcing materials from all ends of the globe, stitching, cuts, dyes and fabrication, beautiful textiles and all the things that we don’t generally think of as a consumer.  Changing perspective changes perception.


The ballerina silhouette of this green skirt in tulle is right up my alley, Urban Outfitters had it on sale for 4 bucks, my mom’s friend thought of me and grabbed it.  So thoughtful!  So right!  The top is one of my favorites, a few years back I picked it up at an Austin Street boutique in New York.  The fabric is perfect for anyone who doesn’t get along with irons or anyone who could never get her steamer to work.  If you know such a person?!  As my perspective changes, my perception changes.

And now?  Well, I still feel overdressed with earrings on, I’m not quite a girly-girl but I’m definitely girly-er.


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