how to create the natural every day makeup look

Natural every day makeup

When it comes to putting on makeup every day I like to achieve a natural look.  One that is polished, beautiful, simple to create and still keeps me looking like myself.  If I had to sum up my philosophy about makeup in one word it would be: enhance.  This natural look does just that and is a great everyday look that gives the appearance of “no makeup makeup” with muted glamour and translates as effortless.  It requires less time spent in the mirror, doesn’t need a boat load of products or one thousand steps to end up looking like a totally different person or like you’re about to perform on stage, in a mime show.  With a few key products, the right beauty tools and that beautiful canvas (I’m talking about your face) you’ll be looking like the polished-groomed-ready version of yourself…and off you go:

THE SKIN:  It’s your largest organ and sometimes quite the challenge to keep flawless.  Over the years I’ve learned some of the best tips for keeping the skin clear: drink lots of water, as much as possible avoid picking and prodding and pulling the face, exfoliate often, hydrate all the time and of course wash, twice.  The better care you take of your skin the better it will look, feel and breathe.  With a good face canvas applying foundation and or concealer becomes easier and less about masking and hiding blemishes-acne-damaged skin and more a matter of evening out skin tone.  Applying mostly to areas that need a bit of coverage.  For this I like the Beauty Blender.  My mom got me my first one which turns out to be the most magical sponge for applying foundation.  I’d been using my fingers to apply foundation for years but there’s no match for the Beauty Blender and the way it spreads the foundation evenly over the pores.  Oh wow! For foundation I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid for good coverage in the shades NC45 most of the time and C6 in the winter months.  I also like Lancôme when I need more coverage and Beauty Counter in Tan or Golden for a lighter, more sheer tint.

THE EYES: As “they” say the eyes are the windows to the soul, whoever they are.  Start with eyeliner!  Kat Von D has a great liquid liner that lasts forever and has a fine point that gives excellent precision when applying thin lines, it’s also great for a cat eye or for dotting between lashes.  I’m a fan of her line.  Lancôme or a Shu Uemura eye lash curler might seem like a bit of a splurge for an eyelash curler but when you consider the cost per use and quality you’ll realize they are good investments.  Cheaper ones tend to fall apart, are a bit flimsy and can cause your lashes to dent and fall out.  Curling the lashes gives that doey wide eyed appearance and it really preps the lashes for mascara.  Curling them and going sans mascara looks great too but if you prefer mascara then Dior carries the best I’ve come across.  My favorite is Blackout.  I’ve tried others and the only other one holding its weight in gold is Lancome’s Définicils.  Maybelline broke my heart when they discontinued Illegal Lengths but I realized it was love at first swipe when I found Blackout.

BROWS: My good good friend Roopa threads my brows every three weeks or so.  I clean up in between visits.  She’s the best in Los Angeles.  I’ve searched and searched.  And searched.  The brows shape the face, lift the eyes and completely groom the face.  Starting with good groomed brows– tweeze, wax, thread whatever you like (if you can thread though!) but keep it T H I C K.  Keep it thick, keep it thick and long and natural looking with a slight arch.  “A little more arch please, juuuuust a little.” Perfect!  Now apply a few strokes of Glossier’s boy brow  which is the ideal filler for brows for that natural look.  What it doesn’t do is make you look made up like you drew a straight line of pencil on your face to create brows meanwhile the whole world and you can see it both pretend you don’t.  Boy brow doesn’t do that. It works with what you have, fills in what’s sparse and gives a more shadowy effect for more pronounced enhanced brows.  It’s just boy brow. Buy, use, you’ll see what I mean and you’ll love it.

THE LIPS: I love a berry color on my lips or a bold red like Ruby Woo but those colors every day can be a bit dramatic and sometimes inappropriate, unless of course it’s your signature look.  For every day  I like a neutral nude lip with just a hint of pink.  Look for the right shade that matches your skin tone and is a slight bit pinker than your natural lip color.  I’ve found that the type of lipstick you choose can quite easily turn up or turn down the volume on your look.  For instance, Colourpop’s Tulle paints itself unto the lip for a matted vamped up look great for dinner with the girls.  In striking contrast,  Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Cathedral dials that same look back nicely for say a Monday morning at nine meeting with the boss.  Marc Jacob’s Le Marc lip creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang works beautifully for meeting the parents, it’s soft-subtle-pretty.  These are some of my favorites which are also moisturizing and if you need more moisture for the matte sticks try a bit of Vaseline as base before applying the lip color.

And there you have it…a nice simple, natural every day makeup look.

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