the nadda dress


the nadda dress is the new dress style

There are so many good things to say about the Nadda dress, a creation by friend of a friend, Marcia Charles.  She dreamed up this unique silhouette to compliment any body type.  Her vision is the intersection between style and comfort for women of all shapes and all sizes.  The Nadda gets its name from the fact that it looks like a dress but it’s not.  It’s naada dress.  It’s not a dress.  The secret ingredient is found in the mechanics of the dress causing it to drape over a woman’s body fluidly flowing in a billowy manner–over, under and around every curve– then into a pant bottom.  It accentuates, it highlights, it forgives.  Marcia’s first designs started off with single spaghetti straps in a variety of irresistible jersey fabrics and has since branched out into cotton and silk.  With the success and excitement of this silhouette Marcia continued to design the Nadda using the same silhouette but with the addition of sleeves for more conservative-chic looks.  She’s doubled up the spaghetti straps and some styles include pockets that do fancy things to cinch the waistline nicely.  Same silhouette but with all kinds of twists.

For this fashion feature I got the chance to select my favorite styles to show you how I’d wear it, here’s the first of three.  This jersey fabric on this Nadda is as soft as its baby pink color.  My body feels free to move easily, completely uninhibited but still stylish.


I added pair of my signature style strappy heels to complete the look which I’d wear to dinner or to a wedding, as a guest of course!

Baby-pink-nadda-dress-in-jersey-fabric-with-black-hand painted-pattern-on-back

The cool paint pattern on the back!


It’s a dress but it’s not.  When you get one, you’ll understand.  The Nadda is sold exclusively at Marcia’s store Pinky Rose Boutique.

Outfit: Nadda

Shoes: Steve Madden

Pinky Rose Boutique


Address: 5372 W.  Pico Blvd.  Los Angeles CA 90019

Tele: 323-936-9213




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