the single life: be gentle

be-gentle-bedenim shirt-dark-blue-jeans-red-shoes

darling, be gentle

wherever you find yourself right now ♥

take that moment♥

the moment in between in between no longer and not yet♥

it’s called change♥

unfamiliar, new, unwanted, exciting♥

feelings, emotions, pain, heartbreak♥

growth, becoming, uncertainty♥

tears on the pillow, memories of happy times lost in the wind♥

maybe, maybe not ever, maybe not now♥

goodbye, hello, hello from the other side♥


wrecking balls, take back your life song♥

believe, faith, hope, love♥

gentleness, beauty, strength♥

mountain tops, valleys♥

yesterday’s gone♥

today is now♥

when tomorrow becomes today♥

whatever comes♥

wherever you find yourself♥

find yourself♥

show up, for you♥

be gentle with others♥

and, with yourself♥♥


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