the beauty in being yourself


Sometimes it takes years to get comfortable in your skin, to stand out from the crowd and find the beauty in being yourself.  To get to that place where you’re sitting in the beauty of who are you are and who you are becoming– as you grow.  Without the comparisons, without the judgments, without fighting.  It takes courage to live in this world and be yourself, especially when you’re sitting uncomfortably in your difference trying to figure out who you are, especially when the popular thing is to follow the trend of the day.  One of the quickest ways to get lost is to follow what everybody else is doing. Another is to copy.  There is a difference between being inspired and copying.  A difference between creating an original and knocking off the original.  There’s nothing like the original.  It’s special.  It’s different.  Be different.  Know that you’re special.  You were created that way.  So whether it’s an idea, an outfit, a style, an expression of thought… whatever it is you put your hands to let it be an extension of you, of your beauty.  It takes courage to see the beauty in being yourself and finding that something, that certain je ne sais quoi  that makes you different, special, unique often times requires separating yourself from all the sameness to see and appreciate how special-different and unique you are.  You’re really like no one else.  No matter how similar others may be; there’s only one of you.  And you are the only one created to be you, to do what you can do.  Others may copy, others may criticize but you occupy the space that has your name on it. The beauty about that is that there’s only one of you, yes there is beauty in being yourself.  There’s only one you.  Be bold and courageous to share the beauty that is found in you being yourself.

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