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Glossier’s boy brow

After spending four months on the 10,000+ person waiting list I was finally able to get my hands on the much talked about and highly respected boy brow by Glossier.  A bit of transparency here aka my personal beauty hack, for the past few months I’ve been using my mascara to fill in my brows.  {insert gasp}  I also use the mascara to cover my grays. {gasp again} This means I have mascara for my lashes and mascara for my hair and brows.  This process was working for a while but it gets messy when I forget that I have it on my brows and rub it all over my face leaving mysterious streaks of black lines on my forehead.  It was getting a little costly too since I was using twice the amount of mascara.  Not good. Not good. Back to the original point here>>>this whole idea of filling in my brows started somewhere around last fall when I felt that maybe this is something I might want to do after accidentally trying it.  As the hairiest person you will ever meet, my brows are naturally thick and so I never did anything to them other than shaping them with threading and tweezing.  Another story for another time.  The word on the street is that as we age grow older and wiser we lose the thickness in our brows and eyelashes and hair.

The good news is that there are people working behind the scenes to help us save face—literally– per se #Glossier released boy brow less than a year ago and I’ve heard it delivers the world on a dinner platter.  So, I tried it.  At $16 hard earned dollars I have to say it over delivers.  Can I just tell you how I won’t leave home without it?  I’m not even sure I need it but I need it. Y’know?  It’s really really good. I’d read somewhere that the brown is the color to get for a natural look even with black hair but I was on the fence between the black and the brown for that very reason, my brows are black.  The last thing I wanted was to look too drastic and severe with black or like I have brown dye on my skin creeping through my black brows.  I went with the brown.  And it’s just right.  The brows look put together, polished and you don’t need a lot. Glossier’s Boy brow is easily an essential.  Easily. #ccBapproved #beautiful


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