the hi-lo dress

The case of the High-Low dress

I was completely off the fence when it came to the high-low dress hemline.  To me it seemed a little unfinished or a little like the hem got caught between a dog’s teeth.  Something appeared undone; incomplete.  If you’re getting the picture that I didn’t love it, you’re right.  In fact, I really really didn’t love it. When my mom gave me this one, a short dress with middle eastern floral prints in the pink/purple color way, I wasn’t sure what to do.  So, I thanked her and thought it would live in the back of my closet and I’d pass it down to my great-great-great granddaughter.   One day in the beginning of summer, in a mad dash, I saw it, grabbed it and slung it on.  I didn’t have time to think about it too much, which is what happens when we are rushing.


hilo3hilo4On this dress because the hemline is slight, there’s not a lot of drama in the back– when the back is too long it tends to have a tail effect and unless you’re a reptile or a lion, a tail is not quite the look.  Then, your new tail brings attention to the shoes so now you want to wear the cutest shoes and if the front hemline is above the knees and your knees have beauty marks then those take center stage.  Which is just fine with me, as you can see!  Most of all though it could seem as if you couldn’t make up your mind– wearing a long dress in back and a short dress in the front.  But this one, this hemline is ideal– barely there, and its subtlety doesn’t take away from the beautiful textile and fine details like the rope belt and satin straps.  Check the straps on the back.  It’s become the little summer dress I never knew I wanted.




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