keep dreaming

It’s so so important to keep dreaming.  Let nothing nor no one kill your dreams.  Don’t allow yourself to let your dream die.  A dream dying– often happens slowly, it can be a subtle series of “I can’ts.”  It can be you making yourself small and not knowing your value.  Perhaps it’s a constant stream of thoughts comparing yourself to others.  It’s important to preserve that dream, that deep desire in your heart — even the one you can’t quite put your finger on– or explain, the one so special and still under construction.  The dream that may still be too young to share, because they wouldn’t understand.  There might be setbacks and surprises in life but no matter what keep dreaming!  Every day, every-single-day, do something that moves you closer to that dream.  However seemingly small, take a step, get on that journey and don’t lose sight of that dream.

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