the power of your smile

Passing by any newsstand in a metropolitan city in the western world, particularly in cities like New York or Los Angeles, you’d be hard-pressed to find a magazine cover with its cover girl smiling.  Maybe one.  Maybe.  Instead she is plastered with a look that screams sultry, sexy, rebel, vixen.  As a society we have come to subconsciously label smiling girls as too wholesome-too sweet-too nice, layered with levels of naiveté and softness as if to correlate strength with a villainous nature of vengeful anger and rebellion.

Here at B E A U T I F U L we encourage smiling, lots of it.  Crazy uncontrollable smiling with belly laughter and fun.  There will be some relaxed faces, sometimes faces of wonder and wander.  Faces reflecting brokenness, faces after heartbreak. Faces that are full-slim-round-heart shaped. Faces that are white, faces that are black, and every color face in between.  Mature faces and tender-untouched faces.  We emphasize smiling because a smile can change a sour moment.  It can shift a mood, adjust a bad attitude, it can help move discord in the direction of resolution.  A smile is hello in any language.  So, we will smile on.  Even if not always in our faces, it will be in the voices of our words, in our still and moving images, the spirit of our photo-shoot sets– all resonating from our hearts.

There is strength behind your smile… much more than you know.


Model: Ophneila Sealy

Photography: Ezra Sealy Photography

Creative Direction: Diarra Yaw

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