midnight blue

An hour before we’d head out to the woods for our shoot Zoë sauntered in like a breath of fresh air.  Her beautiful natural curls freshly cut into a bob fro boasting blonde highlights.  Her petite frame, sun-kissed complexion and captivating smile reflecting a quite apparent sunny disposition but it was her demeanor that screamed kind, warm, graceful. Gracious.
Beautiful.  Some people you meet whose presence is strong, not loud, not ostentatious.  It’s the calm of their spirit that expresses an ease, a willingness, an openness.  With or without many words they are effortlessly warm.  It doesn’t take long to notice even though it’s quieter than a whisper and as a CD this makes my role much much easier and set life a dream, even in what feels like thousand degree heat, wearing multiple hats and working with bare minimum supplies.  We spontaneously planned this shoot the night before while on a working vacation at the beach in beautiful Barbados.  I was armed with the very few makeup essentials after all I was at the beach– but we made it work.  The tone of the day was make it work and work with it.  When we get lemons we make lemonade.  So lipstick worked as lipstick, as well as blush and eye shadow.  Mascara dubbed as mascara, brow filler and eyeliner.  We used Zoë’s nude gladiator sandals with this backless midnight blue dress by Reformation (link) to style this dressy summer look.  It’s a dressy summer style with regal-earthy accessories, add sandals to tone it down for the day time.  The backless action in the dress creates a lot of drama so pairing it with kitten heels transitions this look seamlessly to get you ready for dinner.

Model: Zoë Hooper
Photography: Ezra Sealy Photography
Art Direction: Ophneila Sealy
Creative Direction: Diarra Yaw
Dress: Reformation  Bracelet: Sylvester 


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