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Not always but every now and then applying makeup can feel like a process, a very lengthy one. With the right tools and products applying makeup can become simple, quick –an almost natural process as you lay a good base for a natural, beautiful look. There are a couple of items that I deem as essentials to help make the makeup process easier while allowing you to embellish the canvas beautifully.  I’ve chosen these brands because they are long lasting, and durability over time and the happenstance of life is the cornerstone of a quality product.

After moisturizing, starting prepping the skin with:

THE Primer – it’s the smooth, protective layer that helps seal in your moisturizer and prevent foundation from seeping directly into the pores.  It’s the perfect layer, in fact, it works much like paint primer.  Your foundation whether powder or liquid goes on seamlessly.  This one by Smashbox is my favorite, and I read somewhere that it’s the number one primer in the galaxy.

Now to primp the eyes with: 

An Eye-Lash Curler – contrary to what it looks like -something to poke your eye out- it’s a pretty gentle device that elongates and helps train unruly eye lashes.   It’ll dramatically flair out the lashes and aim them toward the ceiling.  With the perfect eye-lash curler and the next item on this list –there’s not much else you need to do to make the eyes pop.  There’s more you can do but there’s not much else you need to do.

After applying foundation add a little:

Eye Shadow – for natural, beautiful, long-lasting shadow to complete a smokey eye or a pastel dewey look Chanel has got you covered.  It’s very very good quality and the palettes are perfectly assembled so they take the guesswork out of it.

Moving on to the Lip:

Lipstick by NARS – I find the brand to have a beautiful array of colors varying from shiny, ultra gloss to matte.  It’s  consistently long-lasting with shades nicely matched for a cross section of skin tones.  Favorites? Schiap, Rid Lizard and Heat Wave!

Now, last and most important:

Mascara – The mascara of mascaras.  The one that I will completely recommend for your wedding, job interview actually no ’cause you don’t want to arrive looking like a bombshell, basically every special occasion that you want to become an event.  I present Dior’s Blackout.  You’re welcome.

I’ve tried cheaper versions of all of these essentials and they’ve fallen short or fallen apart somehow so these come highly recommended.



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