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One of the things I’ve learned in the past few years is that a workout partner is quite the asset.  She doesn’t have to be the bestfriend you grew up with or the girl you met in the lunch room at work, it could and most often easily is the girl right next to you in Turbo Kick Jazzercise Pilates Aerobic class.  She might be the girl you always see running in the park by herself as you are also running in the park by yourself.  It’s the one who wants to try the new spin class or is up for a twenty minute run through the park.  You run into each other every class.  She’s there.   Faithful.  Just like you– huffing and puffing– sweating.  Sweating through sixty minutes of functional training, loading up her barbell at Crossfit, tapping back on the bike next to you at SoulCyle.  She’s there.  Her lunge gets better as you perfect your squat jumps.  You’ve been noticing her, she’s been noticing you.  There’s a quiet respect that’s been developing though–through a quick nod of the head, the occasional kind smile but you have no clue what each other’s voices sound like.  Finally one day you eventually talk to each other –about class, and the changes you’re seeing, about life, the workouts, the food, about boys, about work, and then you realize how much you have in common.  Over the years I’ve had many different workout partners all of whom have shown up at different points in my life.  At first the new friendship hinges off of your primary shared interest– to get fit and healthy, and yes– toned arms and a tight tush with flat abs (of course! of course!!)– but you’ll share so much more because she’s really special:

  • She makes getting to the gym on those days when you don’t want to go to the gym~ easier.
  • She becomes your cheerleader to finish those last few reps when you feel like giving up.
  • She shares in your soreness the next day.  And the day after that.  You will text back and forth for hours about how your thighs are still throbbing from yesterday’s plyo combos.
  • She’ll teach you how to do a cartwheel and you’ll teach her how to do a split.
  • She’s unlike your other friends because she’s up for every activity- running, biking, hiking, barre class, Turbo kick.

For me, she’s Kelly.  We met in New York years ago, in a functional training class where we trained long and hard.  We both share an equal passion for fitness so we took exercise classes all over the New York city and when she moved to the left coast we continued try different workout styles all over Los Angeles.  Even to this day.

at Main Barre!

at the park!Kelly's class!

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