rustic ballerina

Rustic Ballerina photographed in a tree nursery.

Originally posted August 18, 2015. Every single girl in my family is a girly-girl.  My sister, cousins, aunts, nieces, grandmother–they are all decked out in dresses, and skirts, nail polish, and heels, lipstick, and hair perfectly coifed.  Did I just say coifed?  Yep… even my seven year old niece owns everything in pink, and I mean everything.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  She’s the cutest thing ever.  My mom has every shade of lipstick, eye pencil, and high heel, she can accessorize every occasion.  And her clothes have their own room.  All of the gals caught

When it comes to putting on makeup every day I like to achieve a natural look.  One that is polished, beautiful, simple to create and still keeps me looking like myself.  If I had to sum up my philosophy about makeup in one word it would be: enhance.  This natural look does just that and is a great everyday look that gives the appearance of “no makeup makeup” with muted glamour and translates as effortless.  It requires less time spent in the mirror, doesn’t need a boat load of products

colorfully poetic

Juliane Rossi models CHANEL Resort 2016 in a technicolr story styled by Kelly Framel of The Glamourai and photographed by photographer Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio in Brooklyn, New York to celebrate the launch of Chanel's new online e-commerce.

The fragrant colors {pinks, blues, and purples} in this colorfully poetic editorial emanate the vibrancy, versatility, strength and dignity found in womanhood.  It is reminiscent of how we as women are constantly moving, changing, adapting to the uncertainty of – time- people- dreams as we hold fast to a strength steadfastly rooted in faith. We search to find ourselves and discover our purpose in a world that dictates our identity.  A constant striving in a state of becoming, of changing, of developing but with a little patience, a lot of

living alone is all it is cracked up to be Almost six years.  That’s how long I’ve lived alone.  Before that I’d always lived with family or a roommate or two.  I’ve learned a lot from those experiences one of which is learning to have consideration—whether it’s deciding what to cook for dinner or opting to order pizza, communicating about divvying up the bills, bobbing and weaving over little annoyances like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or thinking too long about the dishes that have now been sitting in the

Let’s face it… Sometimes you just have to face it.  As it turns out when we face the inside it’s easier to accept and love the outside.  But it starts with what’s going on~ on the inside.  What am I talking about here? Well I’m thinking about my face– which like the rest of the body changes as I grow in age.  I’ve noticed that it looks more chiseled around the perimeter, quite angular as opposed to rounder.  This also depends on the plus and minus of my weight, which fluctuates

the nadda dress is the new dress style There are so many good things to say about the Nadda dress, a creation by friend of a friend, Marcia Charles.  She dreamed up this unique silhouette to compliment any body type.  Her vision is the intersection between style and comfort for women of all shapes and all sizes.  The Nadda gets its name from the fact that it looks like a dress but it’s not.  It’s naada dress.  It’s not a dress.  The secret ingredient is found in the mechanics of the dress causing

fear of flying film Little animated short films are just too adorable.  You could often find the cutest ones before the main features like Finding Dory.  They not only pull on the heart’s strings but they are timeless because they cross every kind of boundary mankind has created among each other.  They speak to the human and even further they speak to all life.  This one, Fear of Flying, I found a few years ago and like all of them it’s hard to miss the always profound message and when I think of the sheer genius,

feel the feelings Breaking up is hard to do.  Breakups are hard in general, whether it is romantic, platonic, or any other kind of ic.  It just doesn’t matter they’re hard but it is part of life.  One of the hardest things for me to do is to write in real time.  And I know why.  It’s because it requires a vulnerable-fragile not-knowing-how-the-story-ends type of deal.  But today, today I will.  And today, as my heart just hangs from my chest cavity post breakup I will choose to feel the feelings.  Not

darling, be gentle wherever you find yourself right now ♥ take that moment♥ the moment in between in between no longer and not yet♥ it’s called change♥ unfamiliar, new, unwanted, exciting♥ feelings, emotions, pain, heartbreak♥ growth, becoming, uncertainty♥ tears on the pillow, memories of happy times lost in the wind♥ maybe, maybe not ever, maybe not now♥ goodbye, hello, hello from the other side♥ breathe♥ wrecking balls, take back your life song♥ believe, faith, hope, love♥ gentleness, beauty, strength♥ mountain tops, valleys♥ yesterday’s gone♥ today is now♥ when tomorrow becomes today♥

If we’re honest- by Francesca Battistelli If we’re honest is a beautiful song by Francesca Battistelli about love and truth.  It’s about the difficulty we sometimes experience in relationships, be it romantic or not, and that the truth is harder to admit, realize and vocalize.  We might not be consciously avoiding the truth because it can be painful or has been painful.  However, if we choose to go through it and grow through it we eventually find that it is the love found at the cross that heals us.  Sometimes when we

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